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Bangladesh is a riverine country, so boat is one of the major mode of transportation in the rural areas specially during monsoon. During the monsoon season the rivers, ponds and other water bodies are filled with water, and at that moment the popular & the cheapest source of communication is a boat. Sometimes boat transportation also becomes a small business for some people during the heavy rainy season. For this reason a lot of boat market sits all over the country, and one of them is in kaikertek, situated in Mograpara union near Narayanganj district. This market is almost 200 years old. After a good conversation along with some tea with the boat businessmen, they told me this market always sits during the monsoon season. Every Sunday from 9 in the morning the boat dealers gather and organize their boats, then from 10 the customer starts gathering. People from all over Narayanganj gather to buy boats according to their requirement. The price is usually determined by the quality of the wood and everyday an average of 80-90 boats are sold. At present the boat market is almost in a stage of extinction and the sellers are finding very hard to earn any profit from this business, but some people have kept it alive due to family tradition.