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Folk art is almost on the verge of extinction. Due to mass urbanisation this culture is almost in the end. Our new generation has very little knowledge on this scenario. This fine form of art can be helped spread throughout with the help of a photographer.

I was always fascinated in this form of art, which was one of many reason which drove me to this project. Then I started researching on the internet and started understanding the different form of folk art in different village. I found out the locations & noted down the time on which they indulge themselves in to art, took the visa for India and went for it.

Well at first I did not jump in and start taking photos. I went to each place two or three days before, met the people, shared my views with them as well. By the time they got accustomed with me & it became very comfortable for me to take the photos as well.

Portrait photography has always been one of my passion. I have spent almost many years for portrait photography. For this project i have spent a month.

I want to share the fact that since folk art is almost extinct, my work would give people the glimpse how amazing this form of art is.

Folk culture is something that has always intrigued me. Bangladesh and india is famous for its immense folk culture & during my travels initially as a photographer i became very fascinated with the culture. The important thing is to know their views on life & their society.